Repairing your Treo 650

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No, I don’t have any skill in fiddling with electronic goop, but I’m simply too cheap to shell out Euro 200,- to get a 2 year old corporate Treo 650 refurbished. Especially not since the complaints pointed in the direction of some kind of flatcable being not completely fixed in the device. Just a matter of cleaning it and firmly attaching all flat cables. And thus I had no other option then to open the broken one up. Actually I did have an option, but that would mean handing it over to some real geek and have them play with it. And let them have all the fun … not today. Sorry guys :)

So, we start off by removing 7 screws … and crack open (be careful!) the back of the Treo.


Then carefully we can remove the middle layer, with the volume buttons and after removing another two small screws, we can take out the unit that keeps the SIM card.Treo2
As you can see, the TREO sticker that is visible after removing the battery, is DIRECTLY fixed to the main circuit board.

After that it’s time to remove some rubber protection from the camera unit and to get the front unit out of the remaining piece of the shell (the part with the keyboard).

The mainboard is kept in place by some place holders on top of bottom. Pressing them gently removes the main circuit board, revealing all internals of the Treo 650.


Opening everything revealed two flatcables and one flat connector (attaching the SIM card unit to the main board). Cleaned everything, removed all flat cables and put ‘m back in again.


After having cleaned the whole Treo, I assembled it again, put the battery in and did some testing. It appears to be working …

The whole operation took less then 30 minutes. Amazing.

Time for coffee then :)

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