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Picture_10She can’t be much older than 16, but she is defending the 5 cash registers on the first floor of the
local V&D all by herself. She is clearly new at her job and not doing it very good, since the line is already 7 people long. As I have to make this specific purchase today, I have no other option than getting in line.

Two more people join, while she finishes dealing with the first customer. 2 hairclips at a discount, a whopping Euro 3,99 and gift wrapped of course. She is doing a terrible job and her stressed behavior tells me that she knows it. The line behind me gets longer.

Reinforcements arrive as a 16 year old clone of our PM Jan Peter Balkenende opens up register #2. A melee is the result as half the line scrambles to be first. I notice three people in front of me leaving my line to find their luck at register #2. I can understand them, since it really can’t get much worse than #1. But since it’s still early (9-something), I’m only half awake and do have all the patience in the world. I decide to wait it out.

Moving to line #2 appears to be a bad choice, since Jan Peter junior’s first customer shows up with a pair of sunglasses from which he has to remove a certain security sensor. Since he can’t find the special tool to do it, he decides to try a pair of scissors on it. That really is not very smart since those sensors have been constructed to prevent theft using ‘regular’ tools like that. After trying in vain for a few minutes he decides to pick up the phone, says something in it, puts it down, puts the pair of scissors away and smiles at the customer, while suspending all further action. He is clearly going to wait for the airmobile security taskforce to help him out.

A 17,99 transaction makes me second in line. A middle aged woman has two small things, totaling Euro 2,24. And yes, she does collect airmiles. But she can’t find her card, so we wait another 2 minutes for her to go through her bag. When she finally finds it, she pops it on the counter and asks something about the new V&D customer card. “Does it have credit on it? Does it automatically collects my airmiles? Can I transfer my regular loyalty points?”

The girl’s eyes go wide and her mouth drops open, then she flips out muffling something completely not understandable. The woman in front of register #1 appears not to understand situation and points at the huge advertisements on the wall behind the girl, while repeating her questions: “Does the card have credit on it or is it a debet card?”

The girl turns around to read the signs on the wall: “V&D customer card, ask your cashier.” Slowly she turns back at the customer. A red head and wattery eyes tell me that the girl is on the brink of completely losing it. She nervously picks her cute uniform, while her mind tries to dig up some information for this customer.

Since my patience is about to run out, 9-something AM or not, I decide to help the girl out: “You must have a standard brochure for this?” At first my interference adds more stress to the situation until she detects the one vital clue: Brochure. “YES, we have a brochure of this!!!” Relieved she runs off, returning with a couple of leaflets and brochures. She hands it to the lady, which is not completely satisfied: “Can’t you give me the answers instead of making me read all of this?”

In itself a pretty logical remark, but also a sign that the lady clearly isn’t paying attention to what’s going on here. The girl goes blank and immediately looks at me for help. I point the lady to the customer support on the second floor and hear the girl making a mental note of it: “Customer Support …”

My turn then. I have pretty simple and straight forward stuff. No discounts, no airmiles, no wrapping: Euro 32,70. I’m off within one minute, but I do get a decent “thank you for your support” including a very cute smile. It shows that the girl really has something that makes her suitable for retail. She only needs a Mrs. Slocombe to train her.

While I walk off, I eye the situation at register #2. The airmobile security specialist still hasn’t arrived, so Jan Peter Junior is waiting at his register giving the customer in front of him a faint smile while firmly holding on to the white sunglasses …

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