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Last week, for three or four days in a row I had a terrible dream about me being in some kind of violent car crash. Situated at night, in vaguely familiar environment, my car gets torpedoed from the left. It’s a T-crossing where I have to turn left, but sight is obscured by some illegally parked van or small truck and when I slowly pull up see if the road is clear, a dark car hits me with great speed. Very strange, very violent.

I spent quite some daytime trying to match the location, but couldn’t find it. Definately a place I kind of have seen before, but not for a while. I also have the feeling that I’m not eyeing the place from the right angle. Like I’m too low or something or that it’s mirrored.

It’s Saturday evening and I just spent a couple of hours having dinner with old friends that I really haven’t seen for a long, long time…. say 6 years, or something. I have never been to their new house, which is situated in a small town I used to live in. They are actually living next to the tennisclub I was a member of and that I visited two or three times a week. I was young back then, so I always used a bike to get there.

Later than expected I leave the house to visit another friend of mine in the same village. He is throwing a birthday party for what I thought to be his 31st birthday, but appeared to be his 36th. Gosh Tom, didn’t know you were older than I’m :)

Since I’m a little bit late, I kind of try to rush from place A to B, but that really doesn’t work since the village has completely been altered and it’s dark already. Streets are not where I thought them to be and the fact that I normally used a bike to get there doesn’t help either. Some streets are simply not passable (anymore?) by car.

When I cross a bridge, I get a hunch that I need to turn left to make it to the mainroad that can take me to the other side of town. Turning brings me into a small street I used to take with my bike up to the tennisclub. When I approach the crossing, I slow down to check if everything is safe. I can’t get a good view of the situation to the left because of a trailer that is blocking my sight.

I slowly start pulling up my car, when I suddenly realise the situation I’m in: trailer blocking my sight, familiar street, wrong angle, T-crossing, left turn. I instantly hit the breaks, still being behind the trailer, and wonder about the situation I’m in and my behavior. It’s so not me to do something because of a dream. Come on, the only thing I normally believe in and trust is me, myself and I and my own observation.

I put my hand down on the gearbox to shift ‘m back to D and continue the drive, when a black Peugeot 306 crosses my T. The car is doing at least 80 km/h in the village … and he misses me.
Amazing. I hit the breaks again, put my head on the steering wheel and spend quite some time thinking about the whole experience. I have goose bumps all over me and it’s freezing cold in the car, although my onboard computer tells me it’s 19 degrees C. Am I going insane or what?

Of course I do continue (after ten minutes or so?) to the birthdayparty and try to act there as regular as possible … or at least within the bounderies of my personality. Probably not a good attempt, since the audience (good friends) know me very well and can tell something is wrong, like part of my brain is working on something else.

Strange experience, really strange.

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