It never dies

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juli 3rd, 2006 Permalink

So many people have told me to get rid of my deskchair through the years. They say it’s old, worn out, and obsolete. Some even call it broken or tell me it doesn’t fit my interior.

And they are right. Reality is that it never fitted my interior.


But the problem is that this chair and I have gone through so many things together. Throwing something like this away means saying goodbye to a 20+ years long past. That’s not easy.

I got it second hand (!) when in 1985 I needed an extra deskchair the moment my new Atari ST entered my life. It subsequentely saw a range of other magnificent computers, like my Amiga 4000, Olivetti Echos P75 notebook and Apple Powerbook 17".

The chair was there during my first Hamradio data connections, my first experiences using Archie (late 80’s) and Gopher (early 90’s) and later on HTTP. I met so many people online through IRC, later ICQ (1996), Yahoo (2000) and Jabber (2005). And it was this chair that sufferend badly when I spent very long days chatting to my best friend from, then Texas, now California.

Chances are big that I wrote my best texts using my old green buddy: private (chat/mail), work (advertising, copywriting, newspapers, speeches), school (excuses for missing deadlines papers, thesis, etc) and hobby (Space Nazis, stories … yes, even this blogentry).

We’ve also had our sad times. Alltime low was the moment I learned that my dad had suddenly passed away. It was this chair I sat down on to fight the tears. A war not won of course. My divorce was another not so nice event.

Many people entered my life, made some impact and left again. Some of them even had a good laugh about my old chair. But reality gives that they are gone while my green workmate is still here.

But inevitable the day will come that we have to say goodbye. We both know it. The fight will get harder when some parts cease to work. But ‘till that moment he’ll loyally do his work, squeeking happily along.

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