Back from the dead

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juli 6th, 2006 Permalink

Yesterday’s Google, king of the wrong strategy and maker of really splentastic computer stuff SGI is ready to emerge out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. If all is well, it will be september for the purple computer maker to resurface. Well within their own planning. Hurrey!

But life could really get ugly for as SGI as they are now bullishing about 12 year old intel processers as being the best thing since the invention of sliced bread. Wwwwwwhat???? Yes indeed … 12 years ago, that was the era in which SGI ruled the waves of processing power with their own MIPS architecture. Awwww.

So now they are betting on the fast selling marketing joke almost canned Intel Itanium processor, while they last month also added XEON support. SGI doesn’t believe in the AMD Opteron that is selling like crazy and is not planning on using it. In the good SGI tradition of bad strategic decisions it really is the most logic thing to do. And you know it.

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