We have a Mac too, you know!?

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We’ve all experienced it: days that you have to use an online tool, which simply doesn’t work. Then what? First you call the company responsible for the site (in this case: extranet) and they relay you to their technical department (in this case an external company). And they help you … or not.

70 minutes testing four browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox, Camino) and I still couldn’t log on to the application. Time to call in for support.

“How can we help you?”
– “I can’t log on.”

“Ah, which internet browser do you use?”
– “I tried Opera, Safari, Firefox and Camino.”
“Okay, which version of Windows are you using?”
– “Tiger OS X 10.4.7”
“No I’m not talking browsers anymore, but operating system. Which version of Microsoft Windows are you using sir?”Her voice gets louder while she asks me that question. So I reply that I’m not using Microsoft Windows but Tiger. Her voice gets louder en slower: “Do you use Windows 98, ME, XP or 2000?”

I’m being treated by a morron here and I’m on the brink of losing my patience. I take a deep breath, explain this woman that I consider myself to be a somewhat experienced ICT person (hey, I was there in those good old Archie days …) and that I really have some kind of idea which tools I’m using: “Lady, listen to me. I’m using Apple Mac, operating system is Tiger, version 10.4.7. I’m not on Windows, never will be.”

“Oh, you are on a Macintosh? We have a Mac too, you know! Nice little cute blue computer.”
– “Blue? That’s a G3. Very nice, but a little outdated. Then again, if it does run Tiger you might check why this application is not working.”
“Let me switch it on. Yes, there is the little screen lighting up. Logging on … starting up Internet Explorer.”
– “Internet Explorer for the Mac? From what era are you guys? That browser has been dead for 3 years now. Mac users are on Safari or Firefox. Some use Opera you know.”

She calls in some technical assistant which informs me that their application doesn’t work on Mac since Mac doesn’t support modern flash standards. He then goes on to explain that I’m better off using Windows XP and that only idiotic designers and artists use a Mac. Time to take a deep breath again: “Listen fellow, I can totally understand that your G3 is probably running some type of ancient System 8 or 9 and that it might not support the latest and greatest flash. But I’m not going to bet my money on it, because from what I hear you don’t know shit about Mac or your profession so it just might be the case that the Mac is not installed correctly, etc. However, I’m using the latest version of OS X which has features you will experience on your PC when the next version comes out in 2007 … if you are lucky and has 100% Flash support.”

So, that shuts him up about Macs. Now he goes on bitching about how flash treats embedded tools, frames and who knows what. I totally agree that one shouldn’t use flash for an intelligent business application that needs to be platform independent. But he sees it differently, because “all major platforms support flash.” I explain that my smartphone doesn’t and so don’t most Sony Ericssons, Motorolas and Nokias. “Besides, I prefer a simple operating application over any nice animated menu on any given day. If you want me to use it, fix it.”

“Well yes, it indeed does not not to seem working on the PC too.”
– “You mean on Firefox in some Windows flavor I assume?”
“Yes indeed. I think we need to fix it.”
– “Yeah, when fixing it, you might also want to think about another personality. Try one that takes complaints seriously instead of shooting the messenger.”
“How do you mean?”
– “Well, never mind. Have a nice day, life whatever. ”
“Thank you. I’ll give you a call when it works.”
– “No you are not going to give me a call. ”
“Why not?”
– “Because I don’t want to talk to you. Email me or let a collegue email me. But don’t bother calling me, because I hate your attitude.”
“Uh, I better hang up then.”
– “Yeah, that’s the best thing you have said this morning.”

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