Do you fancy a cup of tea?

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It’s 9-ish in the morning and I’m only half awake when I roam my local grocery store for food. The store is already pretty crowded, with lots of people having coffee in the little coffee-as-you-go corner, also known as the favorite hide out of the elderly and everyone without a social life. It’s a corner I try to avoid when possible, but not this morning. I need fresh cookies and they are to be found behind the corner. I zig zag through walking racks, wheelchairs and finally make it to the almond cookies I want. Next stop: diary. On my way to the milk I pass a green booth with two ladies: “Do you fancy a cup of tea?”

It has been a year now since my grocery store stopped selling full leaf tea. Pity, because they had really good quality. On the other hand, I did find a magnificent replacement, so you don’t hear me complaining. However, my first thoughts are on a new introduction of that tea….

I get disappointed as it appears to be a booth pimping the new Senseo product called ‘tea’. Since I don’t respond to the question immediately, it’s being repeated: “Can I get you a cup of tea?” Actually, a cup of tea would be nice, but I’m really not interested in the Senseo product let alone tasting it from a paper cup: “Tea? How do you mean tea?” The magic question indeed and the main hostess goes off on their new product and the free holder you get for use in your Senseo machine. “Buy two flavors and you get one design pad holder for free!”

The offer puzzles me: “So how can it be, that I order two flavors to get one padholder free. Doesn’t make much sense does it? I mean: two flavors, two padholders, right?”

“WRONG,” she tells me with a nice smile, padding the bags with pads.

My next question on the quality of the tea provokes a beautiful sales pitch on the “best leaves”, “handled with great care” and a whole lot more. See, but that’s where I loose it: “How can it be that this product has the best leaves, if you need to push boiled water through it at 0,5 bar. I mean, the magic ingredient of good tea is time, not pressure. So it would make more sense(o) to use instant tea.”

Ah, the ladies are off balance. Fun! “Could you open a pad and show me what’s in it?”

– “Opening a pad?”
“Yes, like cutting it open. Or tearing it. Whatever.”
– “We normally don’t do that.”
“I don’t ask for a normal treatment, just for a sample of the tea. Please?”
– “I have to ask the manager.”

Off she is. While gone, her collegue tries to get me into tasting the product, but stops trying when I explain that I already don’t like the smell of semi-boiled water and think the tea looks far too pale.

Her collegue returns with a sad message: “It’s against company regulations to open a pad.”

I laugh out loud on this one. No Senseo tea for me … Funny how some silly remarks really can brighten your day, even this early in the morning.

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