Vodafone 3G Treo coming up

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juli 13th, 2006 Permalink

Vodafone Holland will introduce the Palm Treo 700w with 3G capabilities in the second half of 2006. Although a fixed date hasn’t been mentioned rumor say around September/October. This coincides with a date presented to me earlier: September 23.

This Treo will sport Windows CE Pocket PC Windows for mobile devices Windows Mobile Windows for Smartphones, the low volumes selling OS made my Microsoft. The Treo 700w earlier on got great reviews compared to other Windows Mobile Devices, but is clearly inferior to the good-old 650. Take screen resolution alone: 320×320 on the 650 vs. 240×240 on the 700w.

Since that ‘w’ means Windows, we keep hoping for a 700p to be released to. In the meantime the 650 has since June 30th been retreated from the Euro market because the device contains too much heavy metals to comply with new European law.

Until the 700p arrives I won’t be replacing my sturdy 650 with Palm OS. Battery life ….. you know it makes sense.

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