Reacties uitgeschakeld voor SP: NOW
juli 19th, 2006 Permalink

Big mouths, no substance. You guessed it, a post on the Dutch Socialistic Party. They have their mouths full of fighting for the weak and transfering funds from taxes to those in financial need, but at the same time they regularly poster up a large part of the city. Eg yesterday evening.

That’s not a smart thing to do as the city of Zwolle has a zero tolerance policy on this kind of advertising. Result: a van today, with three ugly fellows removing three posters within 10 metres walking distance. Took them 45 minutes each.

Now, get out those calculators: 3 guys x 45 minutes + van + cleaning material + driving to the location + backoffice = Euro 750,- rounded down. And that for these three posters … how much did they put up? 30? 50? Nice action that costs the society at least Euro 10.000,-.

Great job you Socialistic Imbeciles! With that money the government could have helped an orphanage or something.


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