Casablanca, the house of Sun

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juli 20th, 2006 Permalink

Try to imagine that you are a Unix system administrator and that you like to take your work home. Add to that a love for Sparc and the will to collect. The result: an appartment with 30+ high end collectibles, all happily humming along. Really nice, eh?

Now add an unannounced refurbishment of the appartmentcomplex, including sandblasting of the complete exterior and advanced replacement of central heating, kitchen and shower. That means dust, a whole lot of it. And computers don’t like that at all.

A small civilian uprising, with one renter threatening to blow things up with chemicals (links to Hezbollah, Al Quaida and Harry van Bommel suspected), bought a half day of peace: no drilling, no sandblasting.

Just enough time for an emergency move of the whole Space Bugs environment to Casablanca. Soon back online and powered by Zoranet.


Babystepping out of the appartment.


Carrying a 150Lbs HP/Compaq Proliant 7500.


Packing Suns in the Volvo.


20K of removable storage in a C&A bag.

Sb_machinesMachines @ Casablanca.

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