SP: resistance fighters from WW2 are religious fanatics

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Okay, the Dutch socialistic party is at it again. It’s the party we, of course, all remember as defending the MAO policy of putting people who think differently (artists, gay, etc) in labor camps to ‘re-educate’ them. A few links about these camps: here, here, here and here.

SP boldie Jan M. is now comparing the World War 2 resistance with the gangs we know as Hamas and Hezbollah. He mentions the same background (Dutch link), reasons and the right to resist.

Must be some some kind of left wing logic. Because I can’t remember that our resistance ever denied the German right to live as a people or exist as a nation, nore can I remember the Euro resistance to capture and abduct Germans BEFORE being invaded. And that is what is happening in the Middle East right now and that is what has been happening since way before 1917.

But this is the SP talking. Left wing destruction camps, with hundreds of million prisoners and 70 million dead, are good for re-education. Right wing destruction camps with 6 million killed are bad.

Jan, I consider your statement a sarcastic joke, because you can’t be this stupid.

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