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A beach happening without a beach, in the middle of nowhere. Locals with funny accents, Technotronic back from the grave, an overactive groupy, a bass player wearing FatBoy’s shoes and a leadsinger in a skirt blowing fire before driving 1400 kms to Spain for a 4 day holiday. You guessed it folks, the best kept secret of the North West of Holland: the Mega Beach Happening, a festival in a place so hidden they give you three pointers for your GPS to find it: Vooroever Wevershoof / Andijk.


We got invited by the already legendary Whisky drinking gitar rockband Scrum, booked as closing act for the festival. They really spoiled us with the backstage experience of the revival of early ’90s hype Technotronic, playing all of their major hits. Both songs got great response from the audience ‘forcing’ Technotronic to Pump up the Jam another two times by doing remixes. In short: a 45 minute gig based on one and a half song. Horrible. They even announced a new single (without playing it!). What a performance … let’s hope they will team up with André Hazes for the Lyrics of their new album.

Scrum on the other hand is a completely different ballgame. No electronics, but classic folk rock, with Scottish and Irish influences including live bagpipes. All pure and high quality, completed by a mindblowing performance of the lead singer.


Scrum, a rough tale on honesty, brotherhood and friendship. A must see … visit them and get Scrummed. And guys, don’t forget to check out the merchandise classic. SHE is definately worth it ;)

Pro Libertate!

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