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ShiiraYou just browse into a nifty piece of software that really looks different. Like this new browser for Mac OS X: Shiira. I only took it for a short spin, but, Shirra looks very promising indeed. Based on Apple’s on Webkit (Safari Core), this Japanese built product has some really nice features. Oh, and it’s free.

Like a decent bookmark/RSS manager and a mini browser Widget for your Dashboard. NICE. It’s also very fast.

Shiira WidgetIt’s Open Source and supports a lot of languages (yes, Dutch and English too). Really, really cool and something I have never seen before in a Browser (maybe I missed a FF plugin for it), is the Pageholder section that basically operates as a kind of Index showing all links on a website.

Shiirra Index

Oh and it has smuck, like this page transition effects (Tiger only!).


Promising, very promising. I will do un update in a week or four.

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