Be European, buy European … get burned

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juli 29th, 2006 Permalink

That’s what the Dutch airforce thought when it had to buy a multi-mission helicopter. Research based on all wishes and demands, pointed at the American Blackhawk chopper being the best choice. That’s is the one that was designed to replace the Huey Workhorse, the chopper made famous through all those Vietnam movies. But the Dutch government decided that it would better to buy something from Europe.

So the Dutch army went hunting in the olde country and selected the mighty Cougar, designed and made by Eurocopter. Very versatile Helicopter, with just one slight disadvantage: it can’t operate in really hot weather.

Very nice .. especially given the fact that the Cougar will be the backbone of Operation Unicorn with-a-new-name in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. It basically means the Cougar can only operate at night. Really, really nice, since both Dutch Chinooks in Afghanistan were lost because Dutch pilots lack (Dutch lingo link) night training. That will be something, certainly because the airforce already lacks equipment and crew to do a decent job.

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