Fucking over your partners

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Microsoft is famous for Windows and Office, but also for missing the moment and mispredicting market behavior. In 1995 when the whole world switched to internet, Bill Gates launched his now forgotten book (The Road Ahead) without using the i-word at all. Internet was not on the Road Ahead for Microsoft in 1995 …

It changed the same year when Netscape lauched a platform that could float on top of the Operating System. Meaning: companies no longer needed to buy MS Office, but could rent it from Netscape. Microsoft proved true colors by using all means available to kill Netscape off. They got heavily fined for it, but it brought them market control.

Microsoft then pulled a Netscape on Real Networks, Lotus Office and a whole bunch of other competitors. All according to the default Microsoft approach: let someone invent it, copy it or rip it (or if everything fails: buy it) and push competition out of the market. They have a history of doing that, even to partners.

Apple created the digital music market. With the iTunes Music Store and iPod, Apple defined the media battlefield. Microsoft was taken completely buy surprise (hey, what’s new) but responsed by launching a whole bunch of competitive DRM driven solutions to be used in third party hardware like music players (Philips, Creative and such) and phones (Qtec, Samsung).

All competitors together couldn’t make a dent in the marketshare Apple enjoys with its near flawless solution. And thus time for Microsoft to step in and do it themselves. Of course, this time without hands being tied to their back, because the Microsoft solution isn’t DRM driven. So not compatible with URGE (joint venture Microsoft and MTV) and Playforsure (Microsoft DRM solution used by Creative, Philips iRiver, Samsung, etc).

They call it Zune (put on your goggles, turn off those speakers and please take some pills before clicking that link), a media Platform and it’s allowed to loose money for the next 5 years (the xbox model). I call it a great way to fuck over your partners (and they have a history with that too: like here).

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