Scrumming in Fryslan

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Scrum op De VeenhoopAnother glorious adventure to get ourselves Scrummed. Again a trip to a desolated place where hotels operate without rules. Up north, where people speak an ancient language and taxi drivers have no clue about GPS trafic information systems or what roadmaps can do. Indeed peepers, we went off Scrumming in Fryslan, the part of Holland so pure and old that the European Union gives ‘m subsidies for preservation instead of innovation. Yes, we went to De Veenhoop, a tiny, tiny place somewere in the north. It’s worldfamous in Friesland because of its wild music festival, the oldest in the Netherlands btw.

The festival has a rough image, something we found out when booking a hotel: “Ah, you come for Veenhoopfestival? I’m sorry that I have to inform you that we don’t take festivalguests.” So we ended up in some shabby place without a fire-exit or window, but with kind people. And alcohol. We had a good laugh with the owner, although we didn’t understand 80% of what he said (which dropped to 35% after we had emptied half a bottle of Beerenburg).
Scrum LiveOur cabdriver was a nice fellow from the middle east. What, an Arab in Friesland? Yeah! Imagine that! And not yet integrated, so he only knew that De Veenhoop featured a big tent in some grasslands. Somewhere. Couldn’t be too hard to find. Riiiiiiiggggghhhhht!

With Scrum scheduled to play around 16.00 and the taxi already late, the hunt was on to make it in time. With vivid turning and backing up, we made it to the festival terrain around 15.45. Very
Boating to Scrumnice … except for the fact that we were on the wrong side of a lake. The cabdriver kicked us out and was gone before we knew it.
There was this ferry with  huge row of festival vistors. It would take at least 30-45 minutes to get across. Yes, we would be late indeed. The sound of bagpipes from the festival terrain made people understand our kilts: “That’s your band warming up isn’t it?” Yep. And then it went fast: someone shouted something in Frysian (I guess), 2 guys arrived with small motorboats and before we knew it we were on our way to Scrum. To deal with the shaky ride in a over-crowded little boat the Frysians first gave us a local shot followed by a pint of beer. Cheers.

To Scrum in kilts Scrum was loud. Really loud … and a real crowd pleaser: instant party. Having spent 14 years in the middle of real Neanderthaler party people (Achterhoek), I’m used to rough events and heavy slam pits, but boy those Frysians are a league of their own. These ancestors of those brutal Vikings go in head first followed by heavy, heavy trashing. For me something to NOT get involved with, so I retreated to the quieter areas in front of the stage. I’m either getting old, didn’t have enough to drink or common sense finally has caught up with me.

In short, a majestic performance by a great live band. Thanks for the great show and the hospitality guys!


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