Hezbollywood strikes at Qana

Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Hezbollywood strikes at Qana
augustus 1st, 2006 Permalink

Citing ‘credible Hezbollah sources’, French language Lebanese online magazine reports that Hezbollah staged the killing of innocent children by Israeli airforce in the Lebanese city of Qana last week. According to Libanoscopie, Hezbollah fighters put rocket launchers on top of a domestic building, while moving disabled children in the basement. Israeli strikes against the missile launchers would kill the children and with that undermine the 7-point plan of the Lebanese government which calls for the disarmament of the Hezbollah fighters. Ouch, that would be something …

Earlier CNN already reported that it was kind of odd that Hezbollah mentioned that these people weren’t able to flee the scene because of destroyed roads and bridges (etc), while reporters and aidworkers had no problem at all reachting the site of the explosion.

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