Is Windows Vista ready?

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With Apple demoing its new version of OS X 10.4.5 (Leopard) next week, Microsoft is still trying to release its catch-up-with-2004’s-v10.4.3-Panther OS. So far the release for large companies is planned for October/November this year, while consumers get their hands on Vista early 2007. Or so it’s planned.

Why this planning? Well, Microsoft sold a lot of assurance contracts to large customers guaranteeing them free upgrades including a new version of XP, meaning Vista for a period of 5 years. Most of these contracts appear to expire this December, so if Microsoft doesn’t deliver they are in for some rough and expensive legal battles. No fun, so you know they will deliver … something. But is it ready?

Time to bring in the well-known Microsoft expert: Paul Thurott.

“Paul, do you think Windows Vista is ready for shipping?”
– “No. God, no. Today’s Windows Vista Builds are a study in frustration, and trust me, I use the darn thing day in an day out …”

So, again we will be waiting until Servicepack 2 to get some stability in the Windows OS. Really nice. Also interested to see the features add to Vista by those servicepacks?

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