Barbaric Bombing

Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Barbaric Bombing
augustus 9th, 2006 Permalink

Welcome to today’s fight of the fanatics.

In the right corner we have King David’s people in blue and white, a sophisticated democracy not recognized by many Arab leaders as a souvereign contestant and because of that not a full member to the United Nations. Meaning: no voting rights. Main strengths: really good intelligence, smart weapons and the beans to pay for ‘m.

To the left we have the holy streetfighters, a gang that worships death and martyrdom. It’s heavily backed by the oil industry from the Muslim republic that doesn’t respect basic Human Rights and tries to produce atomic weapons and because of that probably is a member of the United Nations commission on Disarmament. Joy! The gang’s main strengths: hide amongst innocent people, fire unguided obsolete weaponry in great numbers at civilian areas and play victim.

Why is it that everyone blames Israel in this war? They at least try to minimize civilian casualties, while Hizbollah aims at killing them. I mean, if Israel really wanted to make casualties, they would use cheap bombs and just flatten complete neighborhoods (remember Dresden, Coventry or Rotterdam). Or even use really destructive material like phosphor or one of their 200 nukes. But they don’t. They choose to pay a hell of a lot of money for smart ordenance and that really is the best a democracy can do while being under attack. How can someone be blamed for trying to prevent innocent victims, while the other once gets away with not trying at all? Get real folks. Get the facts!

And a message to the bearded peeps in the green/yellow: you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until Israel unleashes its Russian immigrants, most of them heavily experienced in not-so-quiet-areas like Afghanistan and Chechnya and within the not-so-unexperienced Israeli army with great respect referred to as the “Chechnya Snipers”. Shalom and goodbye!

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