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augustus 12th, 2006 Permalink

There I was, standing on my balcony. Heavily engaged in my own thoughts on how to rearrange my livingroom, when I saw ‘m come out of the center of town. Their dresscode told it all: camouflaged pants, army boots, bomberjacks, Dutch flags, WWI styled German crosses and (for the guys) no hair. Typical example of youth with nationalistic thoughts. Five guys and one girl were laughing and heaving fun. All between 14 and 16 years old. Give and take a year.

My mind went off on the question how to match the WWI style German cross with that neofascistic look and wondered what those kids knew about the dark era of nationalism. I debated walking down and asking them on the ins and outs of that dresscode, when a yell got me out of my thoughts. The nationalistic youth had started to run but were quickly overrun by some 15+ kids of roughly the same age, maybe a bit older.

It was a short fight. The nationalistic youth was barehanded no match for the others of which a few yielded belts. I even saw a stick or 2. Four of the nationalists fled back into the city, while 2 guys tried to escape over the bridge in front of my house. They made it just across, but were beat up in front of the shop downstairs.

It was over in seconds, with the lefties retreating to the north and the nationalists being treated by their friends on the bridge. I saw a few light headwounds and based on their gestures both arms and legs were hurting. Typical injuries of a streetfight. Nothing special about it…. trust me, I know.

The police were present within 5 minutes. Appearantly called by my neighbor across the bridge. They interviewed the victims, looked around, greeted me and left. The next 10 minutes brought some 6 additional police officers to the scene. They too looked around and greeted me. Not one asked what I had seen. Amazing …

Update: it made the Dutch national news (Dutch link), with a couple of factual errors. 2 skinheads were beat up, not 10. 2 were wounded, not +/- 10. They have no idea on who did it… well, try asking the witnesses, instead of just greeting them.

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