Guenter Grass joined Waffen SS

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augustus 12th, 2006 Permalink

World famous Germany novelist, painter, poet, printmaker and Nobel prize winner Guenter Grass now admits he was in the Waffen SS during World War Two. Grass is wellknown for his anti-Nazi book The Tin Drum.

He joined SS Division Frundsberg in the final days of the war, after being turned down by the other high profile and strong-on-morale army unit know as the submarine service. Hmmm, does make you think, doesn’t it …

Frundsberg of course is wellknown to us Dutchies as the Panzer division that in 1944 kept the Americans at bay in Nijmegen during Operation Market Garden, aka the battle for Arnhem.

And of course we know the Waffen SS very well, since two of ‘our’ princes served in SS divisions. Mighty Bernard (Dutch lingo link) was one those elite SS Reiter chaps (German lingo link), while the less flamboyant Claus visited Italy as member of the SS.

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