Sometimes you just want to break free

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Steam MopSteam mop: Euro 79,99. Revolutionary … or so the shop advertisement says. Do you have it too? Sometimes you have no idea what you are going to do with it, but you just want to have it.

The looks are a bit high-tech-ish and is kind of handy for the wooden floor in both kitchen and livingroom. It is new and revolutionary (or so they say) … but a cleaningdevice, so for that money not an option. But the tool never leaves your mind. You want it, want it, want it.

I check again during summersales. Yeah, how sick can you be…. checking for a sale on a Steam mop. Then again, the Sony PS3 is still not available, so it makes sense. You know that, don’t you? Euro 59,99. A significant pricedrop, but not enough to lure me into buying it.

Another month passes. Rebuilding sale … everything needs to go. 30-50% discount. Now we are talking. A quick check reveals they are charging Euro 49,99 for the mop. With a great number in stock, I pass again.

Two weeks later, while shopping for a birthday present, the Mop is down to Euro 39,99. For the first time I actually pick up the box to check the contents. But stock is still plentyfull, so I put it back. Time is on my side on this one.

Another two weeks later, the store has turned into some kind garagesale. Boxes everywhere and signs shouting amazing prices. They want Euro 29,99 for the mop. Amazing … but now it has turned into a game: how low can they go? So I put it back again and await my turn.

Three days later there is an all or nothing sign, promising a discount of 30-50% on the shopprice. The mop is still there, price already lowered to Euro 25,-. It has green tag: 50% off. But still a lot of stock and no one shopping. It can go lower, I know it, so I leave again.

The next Saturday, I pass the shop again on my way to the fishmarket. The shop is dark and I see some constructionpeople at work. Since it probably is the last day of the sale, I walk in and pick up the all new revolutionary Steam mop. Price already is lowered to Euro 20,-, still showing the green tag. The shopassistant charges me a puzzling Euro 9,97 for it and so I become the happy owner of a revolutionary steam mop.

At home I find out that the manual alone is worth the whopping 10 euros. First it starts with 25 warnings on how not to use it. Then it explains the hygenic experience you can create by holding the device at least 8 seconds on one spot, followed by the warning not to keep the device in one place for over 5 seconds. That warning is repeated over and over in the 5 page manual.

And the using it …. right. Yes it steams and yes it cleans. Very nice, now on with my life. One gadget richer ;)

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