German army to guard Israel’s border?

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And then one day the war between Israel and Hezbollah stopped, as the UN promised to step in with a peacekeeping force. It would position some 15.000 troops between the the Israeli border and Hezbollah gangmembers.

15.000 troops is a lot and when the UN called on its members only a few pledged to send troops. France, known for its fast responses which always contain a claim to leadership and empty promises, was first. Like usual … they wanted to lead the operation and suggested to send thousands of troops. After having been granted command of the mission, they only delivered 200 troops of which they immediately sent 50 forward to claim ‘being there first’. Typical.

Indonesian and Malaysia have stepped in and promised together to send 3500-5000 troops, including engineers. Lovely, especially since both countries don’t recognize Israel’s right to existance. I can’t imagine that Kind David’s people love the idea of having heavily armed peacekeepers at the borders that don’t acknowlegde its sovereignity. Interesting.

So, that leaves the UN with 200 French, 2000 troops from Bangladesh, some 1000 troops from Nepal, a couple of boats from Denmark and border patrol units from Germany. Wwwwwwwhat? Yes folks, that’s right: Germany offered to patrol the borders on sea and land in order to prevent the smuggle of weapons between Syria and Lebanon.

Lovely challenge for the UN … it’s either allowing the Muslim troops to take care of the situation, or depend on the Germans. That thought alone … German guards with jews on the other side of that barbed wire. Some PR that is.


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