Me, MySpace and iPod … oh, and a stolen identity

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The insanity and lack of depth of modern life due to social media (or technology). It’s the theme of the new Boom Chicago show: Me, Myspace and iPod. For those of you without a life who haven’t heard of Boom Chicago: it’s an American comedy crew, based in Amsterdam, in the always ‘gezellige‘ Leidseplein Theatre. The crew mix scripted theatre, improvisation, videoclips and live cams. It’s fast and dynamic.

It was great fun to see how a simple low-profile interview with an innocent Australian member of the audience, being instantly transfered to a hillarious video blog item. Boom went on to the question people about their Hyves and MySpace sites, ending up with enacting a group of friends found on ‘victim’ Nienke’s Hyves page. They also showed how easy identity theft can be, using people from the audience who had purchased their showtickets by creditcard. All they had was a reservation, some internet research and a 5 minute interview during the show. The interview was instantly translated to the closing act of the evening, including improvised lyrics. I know, because I was the Identity Theft Victim. Fantastic experience.

Other highlights include a few great (video) iPod-in-real-life-situations, the iBod and the Anne Frank Video Blog under screenhandle LonelyGirl1944.

Me, MySpace and iPod is a great show. Book your tickets here and don’t forget to have dinner at the theatre for an unforgetable experience. Talking about dinner: we had the ‘we weten het echt nog niet’ dish, meaning the chef’s compilation of the menu (a bit of almost everything on the menu). It’s good, but a lot and let me tell you: dessert is really something! So you might want to go low on starters, or foget about the whole menu in itself and ‘help yourself’ with a few desserts.

We’ll be back.

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