There I found myself climbing two fences, sneaking through two backyards, climbing another hedge and finally tiptoeing through a vegetable garden. There I retrieved my crashed Parrot Drone (that iPhone controlled quadrocopter thingy) and tried to make it back in one piece. All the time worrying about gigantic dogs and other things that can do a lot of damage to a carbon based lifeform.

So, how did that Drone get there? Well, I was using it some hundred metres south to check the roof of my house and inspecting a nearby tree when my Drone all over sudden went bezerk. It made some weird movements and then lifted off to far above the 20 metres high pine trees. There the wind got hold of it. It moved the Drone over the even higher trees in the back of the garden. All the time, my flying robot didn’t respond to anything I tried on my iPhone, including the emergency switch.

When it crashed due to lack of power, it kept sending video footage. Combining stuff I saw (a shed, some trees and part of a house) with Google maps brought me in the right direction. Old skool legwork did the rest ….