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The book is presented as one soldier’s story, while it in fact is general history filled with quotes and memoires of lots of soldiers and a lot of quotes from one soldier. Being familiar with the European campaign I found the book boring and basically a waste of money.

It is very suited for readers who want to get to know a few things on World War 2 in Western Europe and really believe most of the brutal fighting was done in Western Europe. Keep in mind that the book is written from an American perspective with the usual American typecasting and exaggeration. Only at the very end of the book do the Russians get one short sentence with some credits for bleeding the Germans to death. While it’s generally known that the best German units with best equipment and commanders fought on the Eastern front, the overall approach of this book is one of an American unit fighting the best soldiers and commanders the Reich had to offer, beating them and thereby basically winning the war single-handedly.

  • Title: The Liberator
  • By: Alex Kershaw
  • Verdict: Waste of money

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