A really bad strategic decision

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augustus 5th, 2014 Permalink

In the end the Hamas leadership accepted the exact same cease fire they rejected before Israel started the ground war. In the weeks between that ‘no’ and this ‘yes’ Hamas lost their 100 million $$$ strategic tunnel network, some 800+ operatives (exact number depending on which figure you use … this one comes from an Egyptian source), quite a few high ranking commanders and a lot of (international and local) credibility. They killed 60 IDF troops in the process and helped destroy half the Gaza strip and kill some 1.000 innocent civilians (including 400 children).

Then there is the footage by an Indian TV crew. It shows Hamas this morning setting up a missile in a densely populated business area, right next to the hotel with journalists. The rocket is launched 10 minutes before the start of the cease fire. The video:

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