DLD 2015-05-09 at 21-04-34 kopie“I thought to introduce you to Chessboxing tonight.”

WTF! Chessboxing? Intriguing name for a sport that combines chess and boxing. Yeah really! It reminded me of the Dutch TV show Pisa from the 80’s. That show combined ice-skating with draughts (featuring Dutch world champions Van der Wal and Wiersma) to a new “olympic sport”. Where the TV show was comedy, Chessboxing is serious business with World- and European championships. Chessboxing was invented by a Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, who got his inspiration from a ’90’s comic made by Enes Bilalović born in former Yugoslavia (nice detail: the Dutch TV show “invented” their IceDraughts for the 1984 Winterolympics held in Yugoslavia’s Sarajevo).

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Real boxing, professional referee. You can find rules, history and all that jazz here.

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The dynamic of the fight is interesting. Bad chess play really motivates a player to (try to) finish the fight in the next round of boxing to avoid losing by checkmate. A round lasts 3 minutes and that’s a hard deadline. You can imagine the “all or nothing” kind of boxing it produces. Brutal.

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Players have a one minutes break between rounds. Breaks are used to remove gloves (or to put them on), while the organization deals with the chessboard.

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Chess is a race against time and lack of concentration due to fatigue and battering. Each player has 9 minutes of pure chess playing time for a total 6 rounds of chess.

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Each round of chess (exept for round 11) is followed by 3 minutes of boxing.

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The standing 8-count rule applies when a boxer appears to be hurt. During the count the referee decides if the strikken boxer is fit to continue.

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The chessboard is an ideal place for psychological warfare.

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Bring it on! I had an amazing time.

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