My Monochrom is back

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It took over two months for Leica to fix the sensor problem on my beloved Monochrom. Not bad if you just look at the time spent. Not bad if you look at what they did: free replacement of the sensor (warranty), calibration of the rangefinder and calibration of alle buttons. And they cleaned my camera in such a way that I thought I had received a brand new one. Their service would have been brilliant, but because they kept me in the dark about what was happening, it’s just so-so.

After two months without any information on my camera (I wrote about this earlier), I asked my dealer to dive into it. And they did. They stalked the whole chain (distributor, factory, etc) and finally got a response telling them that Leica was working on a gigantic backlog and that they didn’t have any specific information on my camera.

Lovely. Great for my blood pressure. Not.

Really bad: one day after my dealer got the general response and informed me about it, they called me again. This time with a better message: “Your camera is back, all running again.”

Leica’s engineers performed wonders, but their channel-communication and customer-communication s*ck.

Update, 2015, Sept. 3: no personal communications (yet), but Leica has announced a permanent fix.

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