Building that new startup

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There we go again. Startup version … ehh … well, not really sure. It has been over 20 years since I did my first one involving staff and I have been doing a lot different things ever since. I also lost most of my hair in the process. Not every one of those great ideas appeared to be a really great idea after all, but there were quite a few very nice achievements and we made a dent in the universe with some bigger successes we enjoyed. Now it’s news, stories and events, and ah yes … software.

And no, I’m not doing it alone. I met some really great co-founders. They are giving me lots of energy and we are having great fun. We play tennis and beach volleyball. Can you imagine? Yikes sports! They even make me cycle all over Berlin. How about that? But in the end it really is that simple: life is about people, ideas, an open mind and great fun.

Our company is getting somewhere. In Berlin we are working on new office space (top photo) as we have outgrown our current facilities. We are building a newsroom and our own TV studio. In Holland we found an experienced CTO that will take care of the software, deal with the Dutch UX crew and manage the technical team in Israel. We’ve built a salesteam and are busy with marketing. And we are working with some very nice customers (government, legal, NGO, retail, information brokers, etc) that have lots of knowledge and cool stories to tell.

My personal challenge is to maintain life balance. I know what it is to build a team and to develop an international business. This time I will be doing it while keeping balance in check. Guaranteed! Rest assured that my personal advisor will send a strong reminder when I don’t live up to that promise.

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