Yes! Only 2 weeks to go to the best tech festival in the world: Tech Open Air in Berlin. Yes, in the heart of Europe it is: 13-14-15 July. Where SXSW has become the hyped up platform for marketeers and wannabes, Berlin’s Tech Open Air is one of the places where innovation really happens. It’s three days of tech, culture, networking, great food and awesome fun in one of those raw, deserted and forgotten plants in Berlin.

It’s big but not massive. It’s four floors of interactive sessions and panel discussions. Speakers are often from well-known or famous organizations but never the run-of-the-mill type of people. Factory grounds offer stages with music and theatre. There are bars and food trucks. Last year they featured a cool art-exhibition. And there is a small market aimed at introducing startups with nifty hardware and scale ups that need crew. And TOA is really affordable. Students get in for Euro 79,- (2-day pass). Others pay Euro 299,-. Free entry to a gazillion of satellite events all over Berlin & Vibe included.

Last year I had great fun with my contribution on having Sex with an Elephant. Or in other words: how to deal with that big corporate that bought your company.

See you there?

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