Hi! I’m Roy van Veen, self-employed since forever, husband and dad. As entrepreneur I did guys, dogs and system (physical security) in the early nineties. Online gaming between ’95 and ’97. Fish (retail) up to 1998. Moved into IT: systems & services (1998 – 1999), e-commerce software (to 2002), middleware for retail and trade (’03 – ’08) and telecom and payment services (2005 – 2014). Currently active angel investor, working on News and Stories and consulting CEO’s and managers.

Through the years I’ve worked on plays and musicals, did a lot of copywriting, wrote columns, short stories, speeches, essays, long background stories, songs, poems and lots and lots of other stuff. A couple of years ago I discovered photography. I’m still trying to get it right, but have developed a deep affection for Leica.

Through the years I have won my fair share of ugly sculptures, mirrors and pellets. To name but a few: I was named most promising startup chief, most decent entrepreneur and most eccentric manager in telecom.

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