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Als ik zonder missie een lens pak, dan is dat een 28MM. Soms een 35MM, of een 18MM. Maar heel zelden pak ik een 50MM. Terwijl ik er zat heb. En sterker nog: enkele van mijn meest bijzondere lenzen zijn 50MM.

Raar eigenlijk.

Zeker als ik in mijn bibliotheek met 23.000 foto’s naar de statistieken van de afgelopen 5 jaar kijk. 21% schoot ik met een 50MM, terwijl mijn geliefde 28MM met (slechts 9%) een goede nummer 2 is.

Blijkbaar doe ik toch meer met die 50’s dan mijn gevoel zegt.

Of ik maak met die 50MM meer foto’s die ik bewaar, dus beter vind.

Meer oefenen dus met die 28MM. En die 35. 18. 12.

Wat is jouw favoriete lens? Ben jij ook van de manuele primes of heb je liever zoom-objectieven?


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Coffee in an RV … (too) early in the morning.


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The Facebook series

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My Monochrom is back

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It took over two months for Leica to fix the sensor problem on my beloved Monochrom. Not bad if you just look at the time spent. Not bad if you look at what they did: free replacement of the sensor (warranty), calibration of the rangefinder and calibration of alle buttons. And they cleaned my camera in such a way that I thought I had received a brand new one. Their service would have been brilliant, but because they kept me in the dark about what was happening, it’s just so-so.

After two months without any information on my camera (I wrote about this earlier), I asked my dealer to dive into it. And they did. They stalked the whole chain (distributor, factory, etc) and finally got a response telling them that Leica was working on a gigantic backlog and that they didn’t have any specific information on my camera.

Lovely. Great for my blood pressure. Not.

Really bad: one day after my dealer got the general response and informed me about it, they called me again. This time with a better message: “Your camera is back, all running again.”

Leica’s engineers performed wonders, but their channel-communication and customer-communication s*ck.

Update, 2015, Sept. 3: no personal communications (yet), but Leica has announced a permanent fix.

Rainy afternoon

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DLD 2015-05-09 at 21-04-34 kopie“I thought to introduce you to Chessboxing tonight.”

WTF! Chessboxing? Intriguing name for a sport that combines chess and boxing. Yeah really! It reminded me of the Dutch TV show Pisa from the 80’s. That show combined ice-skating with draughts (featuring Dutch world champions Van der Wal and Wiersma) to a new “olympic sport”. Where the TV show was comedy, Chessboxing is serious business with World- and European championships. Chessboxing was invented by a Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, who got his inspiration from a ’90’s comic made by Enes Bilalović born in former Yugoslavia (nice detail: the Dutch TV show “invented” their IceDraughts for the 1984 Winterolympics held in Yugoslavia’s Sarajevo).

DLD 2015-05-09 at 21-11-57 kopie

Real boxing, professional referee. You can find rules, history and all that jazz here.

DLD 2015-05-09 at 22-17-39 kopie

The dynamic of the fight is interesting. Bad chess play really motivates a player to (try to) finish the fight in the next round of boxing to avoid losing by checkmate. A round lasts 3 minutes and that’s a hard deadline. You can imagine the “all or nothing” kind of boxing it produces. Brutal.

DLD 2015-05-09 at 22-58-36 kopie

Players have a one minutes break between rounds. Breaks are used to remove gloves (or to put them on), while the organization deals with the chessboard.

DLD 2015-05-09 at 22-56-51 kopie

Chess is a race against time and lack of concentration due to fatigue and battering. Each player has 9 minutes of pure chess playing time for a total 6 rounds of chess.

DLD 2015-05-09 at 23-08-13 kopie

Each round of chess (exept for round 11) is followed by 3 minutes of boxing.

DLD 2015-05-09 at 22-04-47 kopie

The standing 8-count rule applies when a boxer appears to be hurt. During the count the referee decides if the strikken boxer is fit to continue.

DLD 2015-05-09 at 22-10-42 kopie

The chessboard is an ideal place for psychological warfare.

DLD 2015-05-09 at 21-58-33 kopie

Bring it on! I had an amazing time.