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How about a wall painting?

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One Europe …. oh boy did we try …

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Amsterdam, 2014. Brass cobblestones in front of houses remind people all over the city about the Holocaust: “Here lived , born X, deported, killed Y at “. Try explaining that to a 3 year old (Jewish) girl. #unschooling


Monthy Python edition: Richard Dawkins vs. Ted Haggard

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Waanders, Zwolle

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Jimmy Carr: Dawkins, Religion & Atheism

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Atheism is not a religion

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Soms heb je zo’n dag die je hele leven op zijn kop zet. Jaren heb ik het qua religie bij “Vrolijk Orthodox” gehouden, maar vanaf vandaag is dat niet meer. Vandaag ben ik toegetreden tot de “Church of Reality“.

Een paar uitgangspunten:

The Church of Reality can be compared to an open source software project. At least – that is the official plan for how this church is to grow. This is a GPL project in the early stages of development. We still haven’t got to version 1.0 yet and the initial code of the religion is still being written.

In the Church of Reality, you are your brain. It is your awareness that makes you who you are, and, from that, you experience life as a person.

Members of the church of Reality. Realist is the term we give to our religious identity. People who believe in Christ are called “Christians”. When asked, “What religion are you?” we reply, “We are Realists.”

What we believe in. The way things really are. Reality is that which doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it. Its not our personal reality or our perception of reality or what we want reality to be. Reality is the way it is. As Realists practicing Realism – we pursue the understanding of Reality.

Reality as Creator
I didn’t invent reality – reality invented me. Although we don’t know how we got here or why anything exists – we know that reality created us. First there was this real world and somehow we are here.

In the Church of Reality, doubt is required. Doubt is the basis for the Principle of Self Scrutiny. Realists doubt everything. That’s how we continually test ourselves to make sure that what we believe in is really real. Our doubt causes us to reexamine everything all the time to make sure we have it right. Doubt also gives us a deeper understanding of what we know. It helps us prune the Tree of Knowledge removing the dead parts so that the live parts grow stronger.
Interestingly enough where doubt is required in our chuech, in ficyion based churches dount is prohibited. In Christianity doubt is the unforgivable sin. The one thing you are absolutely prohibited from doing in the Christian church is to think. Fortunately it is a requirement in our church.


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