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#24TS – 10 – The calimero effect (photo)

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Testing Tilt/Shift on a moving object … and I don’t even like cats.

Part of Project 24TS.

#24TS – 9 – Road ahead

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Focus on part of the road ahead.

Part of Project 24TS.

#24TS – 8 – Snail enroute: to and from (photo)

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#24TS – 7 – Crossing the bridge (photo)

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Focus on the barrier. Stil not quite okay, but I’m getting somewhere.

Part of Project 24TS.

#24TS – 6 – Canal

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The main canal of Zwolle, The Netherlands. Tilt / Shifted. Tried to get just the first boat, but got part of the tower with it. Need more practice.

#TS24 – 5 – Autobus on bridge

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An autumn evening in Holland with lots of rain. A bus crossing the bridge, taken with the 24TS, with focus on the railing which is totally in focus from left to right. f3.5.

Part of Project 24TS.